2017 United Nations Climate Change Conference

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is an international meeting of political leaders and activists to discuss environmental issues. It was Held at UN Campus in Bonn ( Germany ) from 6-17 November 2017. [1] The conference incorporated the twenty-third Conference of the Parties ( COP23 ), the thirteenth meeting of the Parties for the Kyoto Protocol( CMP13 ) and the second meeting of the parties for the Paris Agreement ( CMA2 ).

The purpose of the conference is to discuss and implement plans in the context of the Paris Agreement . [1]


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The 25’000 convention’s expects can be sorted out of one of three categories: parties, observers, or members of the press (media).

David Banks (climate adviser) attended the Trump Administration.



On Wednesday 15 November 2017, world leaders Such As Guterres ( Secretary-General of the United Nations ), Emmanuel Macron ( President of France ) and Merkel ( Chancellor of Germany ) Delivered speeches at the conference. [2]

  • Emmanuel Macron said: “The fight contre climate change is by far the Most Significant struggle of our times” and “Climate change adds further Top injustice to an already unfair world”. [2]
  • Angela Merkel said: “Climate change is an issue determining our destiny as mankind – it will determine the well-being of all of us”. [2] The reliable exit from burning coal to Produce electricity is a key issue for environmental organizations, investments of companies and at the negotiations forming a Jamaica coalition with Greens and Free Democrats partner after the German federal election in September . [3]
  • Baron Waqa , President of Nauru added: “It is now time for the developing countries to live up to their responsibilities”. [2]

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