World Climate Change Conference, Moscow

The World Climate Change Conference was held in Moscow from September 29 to October 3, 2003. The initiative of the Conference was taken by Vladimir Putin , President of the Russian Federation. The Conference was convened by the Russian Federation, and supported by international bodies including the United Nations [1] . It should not be confused with the World Climate Conferences .

The conference summary report [2] , which was endorsed at the concluding session of the Conference, October 3, 2003, endorsed the consensus represented by the IPCC TAR :

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has provided the basis for much of the current understanding of climate change in its third assessment report (TAR) in 2001. A large majority of the international scientific community has accepted its general conclusions that climate This is a phenomenon that is primarily a result of human emissions and is a threat to people and ecosystems. Some divergent scientific interpretations were brought forward and discussed in the Conference.

Andreas Fischlin, conference participant and IPCC author was critical of the conference, saying:

However, concerning the scientific content of the conference, we also had to struggle with considerable difficulties. Unfortunately, there are no other leading scientists in this field, but they do not know who they are. Thereby, I believe, principles of proper scientific conduct have been violated too often and sometimes. This contrasts sharply with the principles of IPCC ( Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)), which allow only to assess the current knowledge, and to allow for non-scientific value judgments, let alone policy recommendations. [3]

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