In 2008 the Club of Madrid , the Bellona Foundation and the utility company Hafslund ASA joined forces to organize the climate change in Norway called # CC8 (Climate Conference 08: Technology and Finance in Climate Cooperation). In 2009 the same organizers are arranging CC9 (Climate Conference 09: Green Technology and Finance – Striking a Fair Climate Deal) which will take place on 4 and 5 June at Hafslund Manor in Sarpsborg, Norway. It will be followed by a climate festival for children in the adjacent park on June 6th.

Climate Conference 09

The objective of CC9 is to contribute to the conclusion of a fair climate agreement by advancing the potential of green technology and adequate funding. Investing in the development and diffusion of green technologies and renewable energy is a sustainable way to Stimulate the economy and create new jobs – sustainable economic growth That can Reinforce efforts to fight climate change while Respecting development needs. [1]

Prestigious names to the conference

His Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Haakon of Norway will open the Conference.

Among those who will be speaking at CC9 is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. , [2] who has made a name for himself as a clear-headed and dynamic advocate for the environment. Kennedy founded and now chairs the Waterkeeper Alliance , an organization working to improve water quality in the US and elsewhere in the world. In his work as a lawyer, Kennedy handles cases for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), one of the largest environmental organizations in the US. The NRDC is known as a solution-oriented and competent player in the environmental field. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the first member of the Kennedy family to visit Norway.

In addition to Mr. Kennedy, many other prestigious names will be participating in CC9, including Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg , Norwegian Minister of the Environment and International Development Erik Solheim and Stephen O. Andersen, Director of Strategic Climate Projects in US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Stephen O. Andersen is a senior, renowned environmental expert, working for the EPA, the closest equivalent of the USA to a Ministry of the Environment. Mr. Andersen has been a key player in the work of the Montreal Protocol, an exceptionally successful international environmental treaty that negotiated the elimination of ozone depletion and ozone depletion. Andersen is the EPA’s director of strategic projects, in the Climate Protection Partnerships Division.

Also from the USA comes Ira Magaziner , head of the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI). [3] The CCI forms part of the William J. Clinton Foundation (founded by US President Bill Clinton). The foundation’s work includes the costs of climate change in large cities.

Representing the African continent is the president of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa , and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Niger Aïchatou Mindaoudou . Mindaoudou is a well-known figure in the field of international development, and she will be giving a speech at CC9 entitled “What is at stake for women and the planet – climate change and sustainable development in Africa. growth “.

A number of participants from Asia and Europe will also be present at the climate conference.

Climate Conference 08

The International Environment Day, the conference of the International Seminar on the Environment and the Environment, held at the Hafslund Manor in Sarpsborg south of Oslo. [4]

Among the distinguished speakers were: Ricardo Lagos, President of Chile, Special Envoy on Climate Change and President of the Club of Madrid; Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the report on the economic ramifications of climate change; Göran Persson, Prime Minister of Sweden who, together with Ricardo Lagos, co-chairs the International Socialist Commission for a Sustainable World Society Jennifer Mary Shipley, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Kjell Magne Bondevik Gro Harlem Brundtland, both former Prime Ministers of Norway. The Club of Madrid, the Bellona Foundation and ASA Hafslund set out to organize an ambitious, pro-development,

Post-2012 global climate change negotiations were formally launched at the climate summit in Bali, with the participation of the Bell Foundation and Hafslund ASA joined forces to spur ideas for a final agreement that will be both ambitious and realistic, as well as providing predictability in efforts to combat climate change.

Thorough discussions in small working groups enabled the drafting of ambitious, creative and solutions-oriented recommendations in a final statement from the conference. In order to inform the post-2012 negotiations, the aim is to reach out to both negotiators and policy makers and industry and the business community.

At the Bali summit, it was agreed to negotiate the negotiations on adaptation, technology and finance. The CC8 conference “Technology and Finance in Climate Cooperation” is a new agreement on climate change should include.

The co-organizers are convinced that they will be able to achieve a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. on the other hand, the need to limit emissions of emerging economies.

Climate Concert

Saturday 7 June the “Climate Concert 08” marathon was held in the park surrounding the Hafslund Manor in Sarpsborg. Well-known Norwegian bands were on stage. The environmental issues from the Climate Conference 08 colored all parts of the arrangement; food served, transportation and power supply.

The artists performing on Climate Conference 08, were Bertine Zetlitz , Surferosa , deLillos’85 , Henning Kvitnes , Kaizers Orchestra , Madcon , CC Cowboys and Ida Maria .


Against the backdrop of an unprecedented global economic crisis, the next months will be decisive for reaching a politically viable and fair post-2012 climate agreement in Copenhagen 2009.

Few players in the context of growth and development of countries.

Copenhagen must deliver on the human dimension of climate change. It is clear that the poorest, will be most vulnerable to climate change. Countries that have accumulated tremendous economic growth through their historic reliance on fossil fuels must assume leadership in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Likewise, it will be necessary to secure the development and diffusion of appropriate, clean technology and the access to necessary financial resources for developing countries to adopt them.

The Global Crisis is a Global Opportunity for International Financial Institutions, more importantly, to the foundations of the development of a green and sustainable economy. Investing in clean technologies can be key to this process, creating employment opportunities across the globe while addressing the challenge of climate change. In this sense, the adoption of sectoral approaches within the negotiations could, in fact, facilitate technology development and the adoption of best available technologies across regions, between developed countries and developing countries.


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