Arctic Ocean Conference

The inaugural Arctic Ocean Conference was held in Ilulissat , Greenland May 27 – May 29, 2008. Five countries, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the United States, discussed key issues relating to the Arctic Ocean . [1] The meeting was significant because of its plans for environmental regulation, maritime security, mineral exploration, polar oil oversight, and transportation. [2] Before the conclusion of the conference, the expectations of the Ilulissat Declaration . [3]

The conference is the first ever held at the ministerial level that included the five regional powers. [4] It came to the invitation of Per Stig Møller , Denmark’s Foreign Minister, and Hans Enoksen , Greenlandic Premier in 2007 after several territorial disputes in the Arctic . States Møller, “We must continue to Fulfill our obligations in the Arctic area up to the UN DECIDES Who will-have the right to the sea and the resources in the area. We must AGREE on the rules and what to do if climate exchange make more shipping possible.” [5]“We need to share a common political signal to our own populations and the rest of the world in the responsible manner.” [6]

Ilulissat’s glacier melting was an appropriate backdrop for the landmark conference. [7] The key ministry level waited were:

  • Canada: Gary Lunn , Canadian Minister for Nature Resources [8]
  • Denmark: Per Stig Møller; Hans Enoksen
  • Norway: Jonas Gahr Støre , Norwegian Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Russia: Sergey Lavrov , Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs [9] [10]
  • United States: John D. Negroponte , Deputy Secretary of State [1]


The inclusion of some members of the Arctic Council , while excluding others (Indigenous peoples, Finland , Iceland , and Sweden ) from the controversial controversy.

Defending Denmark’s decision to exclude certain council members, Thomas Winkler, head of the Denmark’s International Law Department stated, “This meeting in Ilulissat is not a competition to the Arctic Council. sic ] the responsibility of the five coastal states of the Arctic Ocean. ” [11]

The reaction by Aqqaluk Lynge , a Greenlandic politician and former President of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference , was concerned that indigenous peoples of the Arctic are being ” marginalized “. ” Inuit have their own definition of sovereignty .” [12]

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