2014 United Nations Climate Change Conference

The United Nations Climate Change Conference , COP20 or CMP10 was held in Lima , Peru , from December 1 to 12, 2014. [1] This was the 20th annual session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 20) to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the 10th session of the Meeting of the Parties (CMP 10) to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol . [2] The conference delegates held negotiations towards a global climate agreement. Continue reading “2014 United Nations Climate Change Conference”

The Ny-Ålesund Symposium

The Ny-Ålesund Symposium is a high-level international event where top researchers and politicians, senior business executives, representatives of NGOs and other decision makers meet to share experiences and to discuss climate change solutions. [1] The topics are related to the challenges of climate change, other environmental issues, and directly related to the Arctic and the Northern areas. Participation is limited to 45 people, by invitation only. The Symposium takes place on Svalbard at 79 degrees north. It is the world’s largest permanent settlement and is only 1200 km from the North Pole. The Norwegian Government has had this training in the field of environmental science and environmental monitoring in the Arctic. Continue reading “The Ny-Ålesund Symposium”

International Conference on Climate Change

The International Conference on Climate Change is a conference organized by the Heartland Institute which aims to bring together global warming skeptics who “dispute that the science is settled on the causes, consequences, and policy implications of climate change.” [1] [2] [3] The first conference took place in 2008. [4] As at 2017 there have been twelve conferences. Most of the events have been held in the United States, but there is one in Australia and two in Germany. Continue reading “International Conference on Climate Change”

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015 , also known as CHOGM 2015 was the 24th meeting of the heads of government of the Commonwealth of Nations . It was held in Malta from 27 to 29 November. [1] Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena handed the position of Commonwealth Chair-in-Office to Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at the meeting. Continue reading “Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015”

Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions

Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions was a conference on climate change held at the Bella Center by the University of Copenhagen . The event was organized with the assistance of other universities in the International Alliance of Research Universities . The Stated aim of the conference Was to provide “a summary of Existing scientific knowledge two Years After the last IPCC postponement.” [1] The conference took place on 10-12 March 2009. Continue reading “Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions”

Bali Road Map

After the 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference on the island Bali in Indonesia in December, 2007 the participante nations adopté the Bali Road Map as a two-year process to Finalizing a binding agreement in 2009 in Copenhagen . The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 13) and the 3rd Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (MOP 3 or CMP 3). Continue reading “Bali Road Map”

Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change

Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change: A Scientific Symposium on Stabilization of Greenhouse Gases was a 2005 international conference that examined the relationship between atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration, and the 2 ° C (3.6 ° F) ceiling on global warming thought necessary to avoid the most serious effects of global warming . Previously this has been accepted as being 550 ppm . Continue reading “Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change”

Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies

The Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies was a conference prepared by Margaret Leinen of the Climate Response Fund and chaired by Michael MacCracken of the Climate Institute. The eu lieu conference in March 2010 and the recommendations Were published in November 2010. The goal Was Identify and minimize Risks Involved with climate engineering (geoengineering), and Was based on the 1975 Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA qui Discussed the potential biohazards and regulation of biotechnology . A group of over 150 scientists and engineers, together with lawyers, environmentalistsdisaster relief workers in an open meeting to avoid accusations of consipiracy during this discussion. [1] The Asilomar Conference focused exclusively on the development of risk reduction guidelines for climate intervention experiments. [2] Continue reading “Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies”